Kanchan Holidays
Kanchan Holidays, Pune is a well established company in Tourism & Travelling. Since last 10 Years we have been conducting Domestic tours almost all over India. International Tours of Nepal, ShriLanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Mauritius & Mal dives since last 3 years. We arrange Individual Package tours for those to whom our dates of conducted tours are not suitable.

Few years back Tourism was a luxury & a troublesome job. It was difficult for any individual to arrange railway or air travel reservations, Hotel accommodation, S/S plan & above all food quality. Now the time has changed. Government of India has a separate ministry for Tourism & Travelling. Now Railway journey is very much comfortable, similarly Aviation Ministry has allotted number of new Flights. That is why people are attracted towards tourism.

You must have seen huge advertisements of some Companies. Some others declare cut down rates to attract customers. On the contrary, we treat every person coming to our office as our friend or family member. Our tour costs are very low & even then we provide best Hotels, Most hygienic & tasty food prepared by our own kitchen team or prepared by hotel as your choice.
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